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Please Read ;
General Health Warranty;
You will be required to sign the form at the bottom of this page; Please read the information for warranty agreements.

 Payment method:
I except Cash, Pay Pal, I will accept a check; however all checks must first clear before I would be able to let your pup go home. Pay Pal is a very secure check out for both seller and buyer. It is my preference on deposits.

Quarter Circle D Kennels policy for reserving a pup; 
To reserve a pup from Quarter Circle D you are required to place a $100 deposit on the pup of your choice .
The pup will be considered sold after your deposit has been received.
Reserving pup/pups from upcoming litters;
To reserve a pup from an upcoming litter you are required to place a $100 deposit. After your deposit has been received you will be added to the list as the deposits have been received; 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on. I am unable to guarantee color/sex with an upcoming litter deposit. After the litter is whelped and pictures are available for you to view you will be able to reserve the pup of  your choice at that time..
  • All deposits are nonrefundable unless I am for some/any reason unable to produce the pup to you. 
  • Your deposit is transferable to another pup/litter according to availability.
  • All money received will go toward the total amount of your puppy. 
  • The remaining balance is due when your pup turns 8 weeks old (or at the time of  pick up which ever comes first).
(270) 459-1602   
Date Of Purchase;_________________________________Whelped:___________________________________

Breed;  _______________________________________________________________________________

Sire; ______________________________________Dam; ______________________________________

New Owners;
Name; _______________________________________________________________________________

Address; ______________________________________  phone # ________________________________

Health Guarantee;
Your Puppy/puppies are healthy with NO known problems to me at this time..
However with any pet you must ;
Have your pup/puppies examined by a vet within 1 week from the time of purchase .. Any illnesses occurring after this time is your responsibility ..

Under No circumstances can I be responsible for any injuries or expenses incurred by you..

If at the time of examination  your pup is found to have any birth defects or to be sick request a medical statement from your vet and return the pup to me…

In the event of death with in 48 hours of purchase an autopsy must be preformed by virologist and a written and a written report presented to me for replacement of the pup..

I have read the above health warranty and agree to these terms;

Signature of New Owner; ________________________________________________________________

 Your pup/pups are Guaranteed to be AKC registered and you will received their Full Akc Registration in the mail (to the above address) within 30 days after purchase;

Sellers Signature; _____________________________________________________________________

Thank you So Much and Good Luck with your new pet/family member.. We wish you all the luck! Please feel free to call us with any question and keep in touch with us through out the years to come!